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  • Tucson voters overwhelmingly reject sanctuary city measure

    Tucson voters overwhelmingly reject sanctuary city measure

    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Voters in one of Arizona's most liberal cities rejected an initiative Tuesday that would have made Tucson the state's only sanctuary city amid concerns that it went too far in restricting police officers.

    The measure drew fierce opposition from the mayor and city council, all of them Democrats, who said the initiative risked public safety and millions of dollars the city gets from the state and federal governments.

    The measure was pushed by activists who wanted to give a voice to Tucson's Latino community. They said it would have sent the message that immigrants are safe and protected in Tucson at a time when many are fearful of President Donald Trump's immigration policies.

    The initiative, known as Proposition 205, would have put new restrictions on when police can inquire about immigration status or cooperate with federal law enforcement.


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