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  • The new ‘Charlie’s Angels’: A pile of wokeness and feminist/#MeToo stereotypes

    The new ‘Charlie’s Angels’: A pile of wokeness and feminist/#MeToo stereotypes

    I was one of the very few people who saw the new “Charlie’s Angels” movie this week.  

    The film, which was written and directed by Elizabeth Banks, an incredibly funny and talented actress/director who has enjoyed huge success with the “Pitch Perfect” series, is a pile of wokeness and feminist/#MeToo stereotypes that I can’t believe made it past the cutting room floor. So far, it’s a box office failure — and justifiably so. And so far, the same excuses are being made for it, as was for the terrible “Ghostbusters” remake — clearly if Americans don’t want to see it, it’s something or other about misogyny and not being ready for female heroes.

    That logic would make sense if, say, there weren’t hugely successful movies like “Aliens,” “The Hunger Games,” “Wonder Woman,” “Captain Marvel,” the majority of the last “Star Wars” releases, “Suicide Squad,” “Harry Potter” (tell me Hermione wasn’t a hero there), and the last “Charlie’s Angels” reboots — you get the point. If you make good films, you’ll sell tickets and have a great success with female leads. When you make bad films, like the last “Ghostbusters,” which took quite possibly the four most-talented female comedians of a generation and squandered them on a terrible reboot and script that no one asked for, then couple it with a marketing strategy that tells men that, similar to not voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, if you don’t like it, you hate women, people aren’t going to like your film.



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