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  • Todd: Bad Impeachment Polling Not ‘Organic’, GOP ‘Bullying’ Dems

    Todd: Bad Impeachment Polling Not ‘Organic’, GOP ‘Bullying’ Dems

    With the way forward on impeachment not looking so hot, NBC political director and Meet the Press moderator, Chuck Todd did some venting during an appearance on Sunday Today. According to him, polls showing the public’s sourness on impeachment or declining support were not “organic” because of political ads running on TV. Then there was his complaint that House Republicans were somehow “bullying” their Democratic colleagues by pointing out the flaws in the Democratic-led process.

    Amid their discussion, Sunday Today host Willie Geist shifted gears to talk about how poor the polling for impeachment was, since the public didn’t appear to be for it. “Even in those two weeks of public testimony that looked dramatic to a lot of people, but the public didn't seem particularly moved by that. That's got to please the President,” he whined

    “Well, look, and it was -- it didn't happen organically you know,” Todd bitterly declared as if it were a fact.


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