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  • Hollywood hypocrites protect themselves with armed guards at Golden Globes

    Hollywood hypocrites protect themselves with armed guards at Golden Globes

    In yet another display of blatant hypocrisy, a celebratory crowd of Hollywood elites were able to relax and enjoy themselves, safe in the knowledge that armed guards, bomb-sniffing dogs and perimiter security details were all working overtime to make sure no "crazies" were able to disrupt their good time. Gun control for thee, but not for me!

    After all, as AWR Hawkins notes in Breitbart News, "throughout 2019, Hollywood celebrities have reacted to criminal use of firearms by calling for more gun controls across the board." This is rich considering their own reaction to increased threats are... wait for it... more guns!

    Of course, Variety claims that Hollywood's security plans remain unchanged due to the current threat environment resulting from increased Iran tensions. But, I guess this means they always use this many armed guards to protect themselves?

    Interestingly though, the New York Daily News reports that security is being increased "amid conflict with Iran." So which is it? Did they need more guns this year to protect themselves, or was the same amount of guns as last year sufficient? Notice, either way, guns are the answer for their own protection. Just don't expect them to support you doing the same for your family.

    Slightly off-topic, but this has got to be one of the most disgusting things said last night. The ends always justify the means in the eyes of the Hollywood elite.

    And don't forget, their positions on guns are just one example of their hypocrisy.


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