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  • Pence says sharing Soleimani details with Congress could 'compromise' sources

    Pence says sharing Soleimani details with Congress could 'compromise' sources

    Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday morning said that the Trump administration cannot reveal more information about the airstrike that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani last week or any intelligence leading up to the event.

    H/T: The Epoch Times

    Vice President Mike Pence disputes the idea that Iran deliberately avoided American casualties when it fired missiles at an airbase in Iraq, saying the missiles “were intended to kill Americans.” He defended the U.S. decision to kill Iran’s top general, saying “the threat of Soleimani is gone.” He added “President Trump made the right decision … America is safer, the world is safer.”

    Vice President Mike Pence spoke to 'Fox & Friends' on the current state of U.S. policy with Iran, Sen. Mike Lee's criticism of the Iran briefing and the latest on impeachment in Washington.

    As posited in a previous clip, is it really that hard to understand why the Trump administration might be a little leery of sharing too much detail with Congress?



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