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  • ABC’s TWO HOUR Epstein special has 3 seconds on Bill Clinton

    ABC’s TWO HOUR Epstein special has 3 seconds on Bill Clinton

    Three years too late, ABC FINALLY marshaled its massive research on convicted (and now dead) pedophile Jeffery Epstein and his network of powerful connections. ABC executives spiked their scoop during the 2016 election and on Thursday the two hour-long show mentioned Bill Clinton for just a scant three seconds. Instead, Donald Trump got more attention.

    H/T: NewsBusters

    Nobody's really that surprised ABC flipped this into a hit piece on Trump. After all, they lost all credibility on the subject when they spiked the original story years ago, because, ironically, it was too damaging to President Clinton.

    According to News Busters, “instead of highlighting Clinton, ABC on Thursday brought up Trump’s connection via his current cabinet. Reporter Rebecca Jarvis said of Epstein’s early legal troubles: ‘The prosecutor at the time was Alexander Acosta, who went onto become labor secretary under President Trump.’”

    Pretty slick (no pun) considering news of Bill Clinton's associations with Epstein's ‘pimp,’ Ghislaine Maxwell, along with damaging pictures to prove it, had just surfaced a day before.

    Watch the pertinent clips below, compiled by the Media Research Center.


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