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  • Will alleged CIA misbehavior set Julian Assange free?

    Will alleged CIA misbehavior set Julian Assange free?

    A few days before Christmas, Julian Assange testified to a Spanish court that a Spanish security company, UC Global S.L., acting in coordination with the CIA, illegally recorded all his actions and conversations, including with his lawyers, and streamed them back in real time to the CIA.

    H/T: TheHill

    In a brief court appearance yesterday at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Assange and his lawyers protested the inadequate amount of time they were being afforded at Belmarsh Prison to plan their defense plan against United States prosecutors accusing him of publishing thousands of classified government documents.

    Assange's lawyers have been seeking a delay of his extradition hearing, currently scheduled for late February, but so far these requests have been denied.

    New shots of Julian Assange who attended a hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court today below.


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