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  • Ukraine President Zelensky rejects premierís resignation over leaked audio

    Ukraine President Zelensky rejects premierís resignation over leaked audio

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave the country’s prime minister another chance following the release of an audio recording in which he appeared to make disparaging comments about Mr. Zelensky’s understanding of economics.

    H/T: WSJ

    Honcharuk submitted his resignation letter to Zelensky less than two days after the audio recordings with multiple ministers were leaked online. The source of the leaked recordings is unclear.

    In a Facebook post about his resignation offer, Honcharuk said Zelensky “is a model of openness and honesty for me. I wrote the resignation letter to cast away any doubts of our respect for and trust in the president.”

    Zelensky chose not to accept Honcharuk’s resignation, saying at a meeting with the prime minister, “I decided I will give you and your Cabinet a chance.” A video of the meeting was posted online by the president’s office.

    Read the interesting tidbit below about Zelensky giving Ukrainian law enforcement agencies a two-week deadline to investigate how these confidential government meetings were recorded and then leaked online. The timing sure does seem suspicious.



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