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  • App developers sue Facebook alleging an 'anticompetitive scheme'

    App developers sue Facebook alleging an 'anticompetitive scheme'

    A group of companies behind defunct Facebook apps is suing the social media giant, claiming illegal monopolistic behavior. The proposed class-action lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court is based entirely on previously secret documents that NBC News and international journalistic partners obtained last year.

    H/T: NBC News

    “We operate in a competitive environment where people and advertisers have many choices. In the current environment, where plaintiffs' attorneys see financial opportunities, claims like this aren't unexpected but they are without merit,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement.

    “Facebook faced an existential threat from mobile apps. It could have responded by competing on the merits, but it instead chose to use its might to intentionally eliminate its competition,” Yavar Bathaee, an attorney for the app developers, said in a statement. “Facebook deliberately leveraged its developer platform, an infrastructure of spyware and surveillance, and its economic power to crush or acquire anyone that competed with them.”

    Watch What's Revealed in Facebook's Leaked Documents, from November 2018 below. According to Bloomberg Technology, leaked Facebook documents suggest business considerations outweigh privacy concerns.

    Photo credit: Maurizio Pesce


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