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  • UNDERCOVER: Watch DNC Group teach ILLEGAL VOTING in Arizona

    UNDERCOVER: Watch DNC Group teach ILLEGAL VOTING in Arizona

    According to Patriot Productions, “UNDERCOVER HEROES. One of our hosts, Joe Baswari, and our friend, Josh Aminov, approached a booth from AZ Act Blue 2020 at the Phoenix Women's March on Sunday, 1/19/20, disguised as illegal immigrants seeking to vote.”

    H/T: YouTube/Patriot Productions

    “After asking the organization's co-founder, Richard Gooding, about how to vote as non-citizens, asking if they ‘support illegals,’ the staffer told an undercover journalists how they could sneak around voter laws and vote as non-citizens in federal elections!”

    Watch what happens after the “camera turns off” below.

    Is this how liberals will swing the election in their favor in 2020? This video is from the swing state of Arizona, which could decide the next election! Listen to Joe Basrawi's thoughts about the video and it's significance to the 2020 election below.

    From the AZ Blue 2020 website:

    The name of the game in 2018 was voter turnout. Typical turnout in Arizona in mid-term elections is 45-50%. Our work helped greatly increase turnout and Democrats won because of this higher turnout in 2018 (69.6%).

    In the 2020 election, voter registration will be the name of the game. Typical turnout in a Presidential election is 80-85%. There is very little potential for winning just by increasing turnout. We will be sharing our ideas and best practices on how to enhance the registration of Democrats.



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