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  • London police deploy advanced facial-recognition cameras across city

    London police deploy advanced facial-recognition cameras across city

    Beijing has already allowed the world a glimpse of the lengths that an authoritarian state armed with digital surveillance technology will go to stamp out any and all behavior deemed "undesirable" - even if it's as mundane and harmless as wearing pajamas in public.

    H/T: Zero Hedge

    As London begins to follow in their footsteps, public acceptance of facial recognition technology is happening at a much quicker pace than in the US, and laws have already been established that can lead to fines for individuals that try to avoid cameras in some cases.

    But in the US, lawmakers continue to grapple over how to regulate the use of facial recognition in public spaces, leaving American citizens exposed to the risk that the technology will outpace Washington and fully entrench itself before regulations can be enacted.

    The invasion of privacy inherent in the use of facial-recognition systems was absolutely unthinkable in the West only a few short years ago. Is it too late to stop it now?



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