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  • McConnell on end of impeachment trial: “The Senate must do what we were created to do”

    McConnell on end of impeachment trial: “The Senate must do what we were created to do”

    U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) delivered the following remarks today on the Senate floor regarding the Senate Impeachment Trial.

    H/T: YouTube/McConnell

    The entire speech is well worth the watch, but for those that don't have the time, read some of the highlights are below. Click here for the full transcript.

    It insults the intelligence of the American people to pretend this was a solemn process reluctantly begun because of withheld foreign aid. No, Washington Democrats’ position on this President has been clear for years.

    Here’s their real position: Washington Democrats think President Donald Trump committed a “High Crime or Misdemeanor” the moment he defeated Secretary Clinton in the 2016 election.

    The House Managers themselves said over and over that additional testimony was not necessary to prove their case. They claimed dozens of times that their existing case was “overwhelming” and “incontrovertible.” That was the House Mangers saying their evidence was overwhelming and incontrovertible at the same time they were arguing for more witnesses. 

    The Framers did not leave the House a secret constitutional steamroller that everyone somehow overlooked for 230 years.

    The House Managers argued that the President could not have been acting in the national interest because he acted inconsistently with their own conception of the national interest, a conception shared by some of the President’s subordinates.

    The Framers gave our nation an ultimate tool for evaluating a President’s character and policy decisions. They’re called elections.

    I can certainly see why, given President Trump’s remarkable achievements over the past three years, Democrats might feel uneasy about defeating him at the ballot box. But they don’t get to rip the choice away from the voters just because they’re afraid they might lose again.

    Either way — “the demon of faction” has been on full display. But now it is time for him to exit the stage. 

    So tomorrow, the Senate must do what we were created to do. We have done our duty. We have considered all arguments. We have studied the “mountain of evidence.” And tomorrow, we will vote.

    Here are some bite-sized chunks posted to McConnell's twitter account.


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