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  • Democrat Debate: Moderator asks rivals to take shots at 'democratic socialist' Bernie Sanders

    Democrat Debate: Moderator asks rivals to take shots at 'democratic socialist' Bernie Sanders

    ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos asked every other candidate in the Democrat debate in New Hampshire on Friday evening — other than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — if they would be comfortable having a “democratic socialist” at the top of the party’s ticket in November.

    H/T: Breitbart

    In another blatantly obvious attempt to handicap a surging Sanders campaign, Stephanopoulos teed Bernie up high and left him out there for anyone to take a swing. After some serious silence, Klobuchar took a deep breath, grabbed her club and decided to have a go. It was a popcorn-worthy moment.

    From ABC News:

    Amy Klobuchar's hand shot up, taking aim at Bernie Sanders' self-imposed label of "Democratic Socialist."

    "Bernie and I work together all the time, but I think we are not going to be able to out divide the divider in chief," she said. "I think we need someone to head up this ticket that actually brings people with her instead of shutting them out...And truthfully, Donald Trump's worst nightmare is a candidate that will bring people in from the middle, the people that are tired of the noise and the nonsense and they are tired of the tweets and the mean stuff and they are looking for someone else. I would submit that that is me."

    One thing was clear from the debates: Bernie Sanders is the only candidate on stage who is willing to admit that he is a socialist and that, by extension, his policies are socialist. Putting the word "democratic" in front of it does not disguise its meaning.

    Every other candidate on that stage essentially has the same policies, at least when followed to their final effect. They just aren't willing to admit it, preferring instead to play along and act like Bernie is somehow more extreme.

    Stephanopoulos might have said instead, "Okay, everyone. Bernie's being too honest. Who wants a free shot?" At least then there would have been a second honest participant in the debate.

    Watch another clip of Stephanopoulos tagging Bernie as a socialist below. Bernie escapes rather easily with the tried-and-true, “because Donald Trump” yada-yada.


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