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  • Crowd chants 'Wall-Street-Pete' while Buttigieg speaks at the NH Democratic Party dinner

    Crowd chants 'Wall-Street-Pete' while Buttigieg speaks at the NH Democratic Party dinner

    In front of an animated, sometimes boisterous crowd, Democrat presidential candidates spoke at the New Hampshire Democrat Party’s 61st annual McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club event just days before New Hampshire’s primary election.

    As is tradition, candidates each took the stage one by one to give a short speech, pitching themselves to the crowd one last time in a plea for support. Even though much emphasis had been placed on party unity throughout the evening, rival groups of supporters had a different idea, often times erupting with loud chants and heckling opposing candidates during their speeches.

    Pete Buttigieg may have taken the worst of it. While it was his turn to speak, voters seated in the ‘socialist’ section broke out in a clearly audible chant of "Wall-Street-Pete," apparently in reference to his recent hire of a former Goldman Sachs executive as his national policy director. Or maybe it was because of his fundraising prowess with high-dollar Wall Street donors? Or was it because of his time at McKinsey? Hard to tell, I guess.

    Listen below to Bernie supporters overpowering Buttigieg's speech as the candidate struggles to deliver his message of higher wages and worker empowerment.


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