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  • Trump's New Hampshire vote total more than doubles Obama's in the 2012 primary

    Trump's New Hampshire vote total more than doubles Obama's in the 2012 primary

    Much of the attention during New Hampshire’s primary was focused on the Democratic candidates vying for the party’s nomination, but President Trump’s strong performance should not be overlooked.

    H/T: Washington Examiner

    Democrat number-crunchers are likely in panic mode as Trump's vote totals reveal the real story from New Hampshire: There's a landslide incoming, and it's going to bury the Democrats. And not just the top of the ticket, either. Likely all but the strongest down-ballot candidates will get buried as well. This goes beyond enthusiasm.

    Trump's numbers crushed Obama's, who was also an incumbent at the time, but in a race the former president won only narrowly. No, the real number that should strike fear into the hearts of all Democrats is the Reagan number. That number heralded a record setting 525 electoral vote landslide.

    And Trump nearly doubled it.

    In an appearance on Fox News, Trump 2020 National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed out that, in addition to President Trump receiving the highest voter turnout in New Hampshire of any incumbent in the last four decades, Bernie Sanders' numbers flashed some warning signs for anyone looking historically.

    "When you juxtapose [Trump's turnout] against Bernie Sanders, who had the lowest vote total of any Democrat nominee in 68 years, it is quite something," before adding further, "the enthusiasm is on President Trump's side. Democrats, by the way, have a dumpster fire. They have a real mess on their side."


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