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  • Trump campaign to open 15

    Trump campaign to open 15 "community centers" in swing state "Black Voices for Trump" outreach

    The Trump campaign is planning to open 15 field offices, including five in Florida, three in North Carolina, two each in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and one each in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin.

    "We see the numbers coming up in the polls and the demand on the ground when we do these types of events, so it's really important that we take this next step and really bring those voters into the party," said Katrina Pierson, a senior Trump campaign adviser.

    From the Black Voices for Trump website:

    Black Voices for Trump encourages the black community to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing experiences and successes of everyday Americans as a result of the Trump administration. Re-electing the President will ensure greater economic opportunity, safer communities, and better healthcare policies for generations to come.

    President Donald J. Trump has accomplished historic criminal justice reform in just his first term in office. Increasing job training for inmates, shortened sentences, and giving second chances to those that truly deserve it.

    Watch Trump's Super Bowl ad on Criminal Justice Reform below.


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