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  • BACKTRACK: Sheriff says Obama DHS whistleblower's death NOT ruled suicide

    BACKTRACK: Sheriff says Obama DHS whistleblower's death NOT ruled suicide

    In a new statement issued just days after the department initially referred to the incident as a "single self-inflicted gun shot wound," Amador County Sheriff’s Office backtracked, calling it misinformation and saying it was way too early for any final determination.

    “Unfortunately, there was misinformation immediately being put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide,” the Sheriff’s Office said in statement released Monday. “This is not the case. We are currently in the beginning phase of our investigation, and any final determination as to the cause and manner of Mr. Haney’s death would be extremely premature and inappropriate.”

    This latest statement also offered new details about Haney's location, including that he was found in a “park and ride open area” adjacent to a state highway less than three miles from his home. “Highway 16 is a busy state highway and used as a main travel route to and from Sacramento.”

    The Sheriff's Office is also in possession of a firearm located at the scene, along with the victim's vehicle and RV, and provided some of investigator's actions from the day of the incident. "Our investigators conducted a neighborhood canvas and interviewed his RV park neighbors on the day of the incident along with checking key areas for any video surveillance that may exist from that time," the statement read.

    Initial reports that Philip Haney, a DHS whistleblower on the Obama administration, had been found dead first emerged last weekend.

    Watch Martin Ryan, Amador County Sheriff/Coroner provide his insight into the investigation below.

    Read the full Amador County Sheriff's Office statement below.

    Read the Sheriff's previous statement below which states that the death appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


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