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  • WATCH: Hillary does GMA to rollout her Hulu docuseries –  but what's she really up to?

    WATCH: Hillary does GMA to rollout her Hulu docuseries – but what's she really up to?

    Hillary Clinton landed in friendly territory this morning for an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America to tout her new docuseries premiering this week on Hulu. When asked specifically about endorsing a candidate, Hillary kept her powder dry and emphasized how early it is in the process. She also made it clear having the most delegates at convention won't be enough to secure the nomination.

    Watch the full interview below.

    The Biden camp won't be happy about her answer on endorsements. If Hillary still needs to get to know Joe a little better before deciding, then Joe's got problems.

    “I think the process is finally moving forward,” she said. “So there’s a long way to go. Today obviously is a big day. So I’m just watching and hoping that we nominate whoever is the strongest candidate to take out the current incumbent.”

    Clinton also put the Sanders campaign on notice that having the most delegates at convention won't guarantee him the nomination because — get this — “we’ve got rules.” She even broke out the evil cackle. 

    “My reaction is let’s follow the rules, we’ve got rules. We had rules last time, we have rules this time and I think it’s always a good idea to follow the rules. Everybody knew what they were when you got into it,” she said.

    Anyone listening carefully will see this docuseries for what it really is: her first campaign ad of the 2020 election cycle. She's clearly signaling that all options are open for a surprise bid at a brokered convention. Why else would she do this on Super Tuesday? The timing is not a coincidence.

    Watch the official trailer for her documentary below.


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