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  • Trudeau's Liberal Party presents bill to criminalize 'conversion therapy' for minors identifying as LGBT

    Trudeau's Liberal Party presents bill to criminalize 'conversion therapy' for minors identifying as LGBT

    A bill introduced Monday by Trudeau's Liberal Party will not only make it a crime to provide “conversion therapy” to a minor, whether in a clinical or spiritual setting, but also make it illegal to remove the minor from Canada to seek the same help in a different country.

    From the text of Bill C-8:

    This enactment amends the Criminal Code to, among other things, create the following offenses:

    (a) causing a person to undergo conversion therapy against the person’s will; (b) causing a child to undergo conversion therapy; (c) doing anything for the purpose of removing a child from Canada with the intention that the child undergo conversion therapy outside Canada; (d) advertising an offer to provide conversion therapy; and (e) receiving a financial or other material benefit from the provision of conversion therapy.

    The Liberal party's federal election 2019 platform included a promise to make conversion therapy a Criminal Code offense. Some provinces and municipalities have already banned the practice. Justice Minister David Lametti who tabled the bill spoke with reporters about the new legislation. Watch below.

    Critics say a major flaw of the bill is that the term ‘conversion therapy’ is too vaguely defined and is open to broad interpretation that could result in the silencing or even prosecution of Christian religious leaders in Canada.

    “Any kind of clinical therapy or spiritual counseling to help a person overcome their gender identity confusion and to accept their bodily reality, including the pastoral support … will be defined as ‘conversion therapy,’ and thus, become illegal,” Jack Fonseca, director of political operations of Campaign Life Coalition, told LifeSiteNews.

    A woman who underwent sex change surgery following a traumatic childhood that lead to gender identity confusion spoke out against similar legislation, Senate Bill S-202. Watch below.

    Read the full text of Bill C-8 below.



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