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  • Devin Nunes: 'Media and the left' are 'putting the country into a panic' for 'no reason'

    Devin Nunes: 'Media and the left' are 'putting the country into a panic' for 'no reason'

    Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes accused the "media and the left" of "putting the country into a panic" over the coronavirus pandemic. Appearing on Saturday night’s Watters World, Nunes drew from his own experience coming down with H1N1 to urge Americans to “remain calm.”

    H/T: Daily Caller

    Watch the full interview below.

    “So as someone who actually did come down with H1N1,” Nunes said. “I had it for about two weeks. It was a pretty bad flu. I know what it was like back then. But I also remember that nobody was panicking. I didn’t have to self-quarantine. They told me to stay away from people. They told me to keep my temperature down.”

    “What the media and the left are doing here is they’re putting the country into a panic, and it’s for no reason,” he said. “I’m not saying that this isn’t a serious health concern. We need to take it serious.”

    “Now with that said, the more people that test, the more cases that we’re probably going to have that will come back positive,” he added. “But by and large, most people are going to get over this very, very quickly.”

    Elizabeth Schneider shared her personal coronavirus story on her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral. Watch below.


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