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  • Back to Work by March 30: A coronavirus imperative

    Back to Work by March 30: A coronavirus imperative

    China and Russia are open for business and working at close to capacity, as America shutters most all business and industry in states such as Pennsylvania, New York, California, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In many cases only select manufacturing companies are allowed to operate, which means most manufacturers will be short of parts and services necessary to produce goods.

    H/T: The American Spectator

    According to Luddy, “the cure is far worse than any perceived impact by COVID-19.”

    Supply of goods and services is quickly becoming a more important national issue than the COVID-19 panic. The virus will not adversely impact most Americans, but they will sustain substantial financial losses and at some point supplies will run out.

    Schools can shut down, and sick people should stay home, along with older or at-risk individuals, until the panic subsides, but the healthy must be allowed to work.

    Every family, state, city, and business can make the best decisions during this crisis, but we cannot have simplistic top-down mandates.

    We are quickly moving toward a supply problem. Just-in-time inventory means we make products as needed. If the producers are closed, we run out of goods quickly.


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