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  • YUGE: Virus nixes Trump's stadium rallies, so campaign draws virtual crowds through digital TV

    YUGE: Virus nixes Trump's stadium rallies, so campaign draws virtual crowds through digital TV

    President Trump is known for his signature, raucous, stadium-sized rallies drawing thousands of in-person supporters to stadiums nationwide. Supporters often stand in line for hours to pack in closely together to clap, cheer, and, presumably, share a few germs.

    H/T: Just The News

    Adapting quickly to the new realities of campaigning in the era of social distancing, the Trump campaign is expanding its footprint in the digital tv space by holding ‘virtual rallies’ that have already shown success capturing huge audiences. More from John Solomon's report:

    Against the backdrop of a country fighting a global pandemic, the Trump campaign is embracing its unorthodox, David-vs.-Goliath mentality that catapulted an unexpected GOP political newcomer into the White House. The campaign is in some ways building its own startup, digital television network, a coronavirus-inspired version of “Trump TV,” that could rival any of the conservative digital television networks, from OANN and Newsmax to The Blaze and Fox Nation. 

    Americans are camped out inside their homes, and they're turning on their televisions, with Fox News seeing Q1 2020 as its most-watched quarter in its history, and the New York Times reporting that the president’s daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings are drawing roughly 8.5 million viewers on cable news each night (to the angst of some members of the mainstream media who want to nix carrying the briefings live and in full).

    According to a press release from the Trump campaign, “more than one million viewers participated in each of the campaign’s first two online broadcasts: ‘Women for Trump Online’ and ‘Latinos for Trump Online.’”


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