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  • Dead people are receiving $1,200 coronavirus stimulus payments, lawmaker says

    Dead people are receiving $1,200 coronavirus stimulus payments, lawmaker says

    Deceased people are receiving $1,200 coronavirus stimulus payments from the federal government on Wednesday. A Twitter user posted about his deceased grandmother receiving a check.

    H/T: Just The News

    “Deceased people are receiving stimulus checks today,” he tweeted. “My grandmother passed away in 2018 — and $1,200 was deposited in her bank account today.”

    "My grandma just got a $2,400 stimulus check. Her husband died in 2018, but they evidently used her 2018 tax return (which included him) to calculate how much she was owed," another Twitter user wrote. "Does she have to pay $1,200 of that money back? What does she do?"

    According to the article, the IRS relies on an antiquated database referred to as “the death file” which isn't up-to-date, leading to some “who are either deceased or otherwise inelligible” receiving checks.

    Citizens Against Government Waste President Tom Schatz told Just the News on Wednesday that the IRS relies on data submitted to the federal government from states about deceased taxpayers and inmates and some of the data is outdated. This leads to direct payments going to ineligible individuals such as deceased or incarcerated taxpayers.

    "The death file, as it's called, is always out of date and that's always a problem either for normal Social Security payments and certainly in this case for the stimulus checks as well coming to dead people," he said. "It's going to happen. There's no way to avoid it because the information is not up to date and the IRS does not have the most advanced technology, as we know. It's always going to create problems simply because it is not efficient."

    Schatz also said, “The factor of changes in people's lives will lead to some of this money going out to people who are either deceased or otherwise ineligible simply because of changes in their life.”


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