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  • Can we talk about American media's connections to Chinese interests?

    Can we talk about American media's connections to Chinese interests?

    At first glance, it would be easy to write this disturbing surrender of journalistic integrity to advanced stages of Trump Derangement System. It would be reasonable to suspect that reporters, producers, anchors and editors held such an intense zeal to oppose, resist and damage President Trump that they'd even stoop so low as to hand their bylines over to propagandists supporting the totalitarian murderers at the top of the Red China food chain.

    H/T: Townhall

    But the reality is worse. Deep financial interests in China held by major U.S. media conglomerates actually dictate what we here in America are allowed to hear, watch, and soon if not already, say. Townhall highlights this arrangement succinctly:

    Every single major broadcast and cable news outlet covering the COVID-19 pandemic has a direct and critical interest in pleasing the communist regime in China. Every single one of them. To understand this critically important connection between these American news outlets and the Chinese government, you only need to understand the power of the Chinese market when it comes to the film industry.

    It's not breaking news that the Chinese market is the single most important region for growth and revenue for Hollywood. The profitability for many films these days is almost entirely dependant on ticket sales in China. If a major film doesn't sell in China, it's a problem for the studio. And films are only allowed to be shown in China if the communists in Beijing give permission. That's the beauty of a totalitarian, communist state. Nobody in the country sees "Avengers: End Game" unless the authoritarians are accommodated.

    This directly affects how Hollywood makes its movies.


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