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  • BUSTED: Media uses VA 'study' to launch easily debunked attack on hydroxychloroquine

    BUSTED: Media uses VA 'study' to launch easily debunked attack on hydroxychloroquine

    The mainstream media is hyping a “study” with data culled from Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals to justify their attack on Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that President Donald Trump is fighting to provide to suffering people. ABC White House correspondent Jon Karl agitated against Hydroxychloroquine in Trump’s Tuesday White House Task Force briefing, citing the VA study.

    H/T: National File

    The lack of any peer review is a red flag (one of many) that should, on it's own, be enough to give any honest journalist pause before rushing to bash a drug that previous and more scientific studies have shown to be a cheap and effective treatment.

    Why does the media seem so invested in suppressing the use of hydroxychloroquine? Politics and Trump Derangement Syndrome are likely answers. But for the authors of the study, the conflicts are even more obvious. From the article:

    One of the authors of the study has a patent application pertaining to Coronavirus and another author took a research grant from Gilead, which is developing a competitor drug to Hydroxychloroquine (the study claimed these competing interests were unrelated to the study itself). Hydroxychloroquine costs less than $1 per tablet, whereas Gilead was accused by a Senate Finance Committee investigation of inflating prices to the detriment of patients.

    Read the full study below.


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