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  • Does military’s biodefense lab hold a key to future coronavirus treatment?

    Does military’s biodefense lab hold a key to future coronavirus treatment?

    Though often omitted from public conversations about pandemic solutions, the U.S. military has a huge stake in fighting deadly infectious diseases and quietly has been researching novel treatments for years at its secretive biodefense lab at Fort Detrick.

    H/T: Just The News

    Rapidly spreading novel viruses have proven to be effective at disabling large forces—even aircraft carriers in the case of the COVID-19 outbreak—and the Pentagon sees research of treatments as mission critical.

    From the article:

    It’s from that body of research that an intriguing potential remedy, an organic extract, has emerged. And of all sources, it comes from the common but toxic flowering plant oleander.

    Dr. John Dye, chief of viral immunology at the USAMRIID lab at Fort Detrick, confirmed to Just the News that his team began testing the extract known as oleandrin a few years ago and found it was effective in fighting the Ebola and Marburg viruses. The Army lab is now ramping up a rapid plan to test oleandrin against COVID-19.

    “We found that at non-toxic concentrations, oleandrin was efficacious at slowing and halting viral growth in tissue culture assays” for the Ebola and Marburg viruses, Dye said in emailed answers to questions.

    See below the results of Fort Detrick’s research presented in 2017 that showed oleandrin “fully inhibited” the Marburg and Ebola viruses in petri dishes.


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