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  • #FireChrisHayes trends after MSNBC host covers Biden sexual assault allegations

    #FireChrisHayes trends after MSNBC host covers Biden sexual assault allegations

    MSNBC host Chris Hayes sparked backlash from the left when he became the first prime-time host on the network to cover a former aide's sexual assault allegations against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with the hashtag "FireChrisHayes" trending on Twitter.

    H/T: TheHill

    Too much truth was revealed during his interview with author Rebecca Traister apparently.

    “What this is creating is a kind of a perfect storm where the women who are being asked to support his opponent are now being asked to answer for these charges,” Traister told Hayes. “In part because of the vacuum created by Joe Biden, who is not yet really directly answering these questions, and certainly, not doing what I wish he would, which is to say: ‘Please direct your questions about these allegations to me, and not the women that are out there offering their support to my candidacy.'”

    “The man in question, the nominee, the former vice president, is going to have to address them,” Hayes argued. “And not have [former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate] Stacey Abrams or anyone else, or [Sen.] Kirsten Gillibrand [D-N.Y.] do that."

    Read "The Biden Trap" penned by Traister below.

    Listen to Rebecca Traister's appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show Thursday below.


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