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  • Rosenstein ‘scope’ memo confirms baselessness of Trump-Russia probe

    Rosenstein ‘scope’ memo confirms baselessness of Trump-Russia probe

    Finally, three years coming, the Justice Department is showing a little more leg on the Rosenstein “scope” memo — the directive by which then–deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein defined the parameters of the investigation he’d appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to conduct. Of course, the games never end in the Trump–Russia probe, so there’s a hitch. The scope memo remains partially, tantalizingly redacted.

    H/T: National Review

    “Disclosure is limited to Rosenstein’s purported grounds for investigating four members of the Trump presidential campaign: Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn,” the author notes. “But six lines of text, which appear to describe a fifth person, and the supposed basis for investigating that person, remain blacked out.

    Andy McCarthy with Maria Bartiromo: Third Rosenstein memo was used to cover Rod Rosenstein's mistake. Watch below.


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