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  • Hiding in plain sight: Bidenís inauguration-eve trip to Ukraine

    Hiding in plain sight: Bidenís inauguration-eve trip to Ukraine

    It is highly unusual for an outgoing vice president to travel abroad during the days before the beginning of the new administration. An examination of the National Archives reveals no foreign travel on the part of Dick Cheney between the 2008 election and the Obama-Biden inauguration, nor any foreign travel by Vice President Al Gore before the Bush-Cheney inauguration in 2001.

    H/T: American Greatness

    So why would the outgoing Vice President have to make a last minute overseas trip to Ukraine? From the article:

    For Biden, the vice president’s absence from the White House during one of the most important weeks of his official responsibilities, and subjecting himself and senior White House staff to jet lag during the inauguration itself, were reasonable costs for the United States to pay in exchange for his presence in a faraway foreign country.

    That country was Ukraine.

    What was Biden doing in Kyiv on January 17, 2017?

    He was creating an opportunity for himself to speak, unmonitored, with the bosses of a corrupt country whose natural gas company was paying his miscreant son more than $83,000 a month in phony “consulting” fees.

    What Biden was doing, above all, was not talking on the phone.


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