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  • Hudson: A deplorable moment for every black American in this country

    Hudson: A deplorable moment for every black American in this country

    Biden saying, "You ain't black" if you're on the fence about voting for him over President Trump is beyond insulting. Am I insulted? Hell yes. Am I surprised? Hell no. I’ve been called a coon “with bad African blood” because my skin is black, and I’ve never, nor would I ever, vote for a Democrat. And why the hell would I? The Democratic Party was founded in the 1820s in part to preserve chattel slavery in America.

    H/T: Breitbart

    Watch the Breakfast Club's interview with Joe Biden on picking a black woman running mate, Democrats taking black voters for granted and wiping weed crime below.

    Here's a shorter version:

    Biden spokeswoman Symone Sanders said the former vice president’s remarks were made “in jest.” Biden later admitted he made a mistake, saying, “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy.” After saying it, Biden’s smile looked about as forced and fake as the dentures it revealed. But if Joe Biden questioning the blackness of America’s roughly 17 million black voters was said “in jest,” then why would a Biden spokesperson need to tell us it was a joke? The Internet sure doesn’t think it’s funny. Responses range from rage to disgust.

    “Well, the dummies aren’t even smart enough to understand my humor,” Team Biden logic goes. “So let’s just tell them it was a joke. Our allies in the media know what to do from here.” Again, this is what the Democratic Party has always been.

    Charlamagne Tha God: 'Biden was on “front lines” advocating policies that led to mass incarceration.' Watch below.


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