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    Seattle "autonomous zone" now has a "heavily-armed" warlord; Trump dunks on clueless governor

    Soundcloud rapper Raz Simone and his entourage have claimed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) as their territory - and have already been filmed regulating when a man wouldn't stop spraying graffiti over an urban art installation, telling him "We are the police of this community now!"

    H/T: Zero Hedge

    On Tuesday, Antifa domestic terrorists set up an “autonomous zone” in six square blocks in Seattle. The Antifa terrorists are advocating for “folks with firearms” to take shifts defending the barricades.

    Rapper Raz Simone took umbrage at comments made by President Trump on Twitter about the situation in Seattle: “The President really put a hit on my head. I’m not a Terrorist Warlord. Quit spreading that false narrative. The world has NEVER been ready for a strong black man. We have been peaceful and nothing else. If I die don’t let it be in vain.”


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