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  • Rep. Scalise announces plans to investigate govs who ordered nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients

    Rep. Scalise announces plans to investigate govs who ordered nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients

    On Thursday, in his capacity as ranking member of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus crisis, Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), announced that he will be sending oversight letters to Democratic governors of multiple states who ordered nursing homes to readmit COVID-positive patients, to determine what led up to those disastrous decisions. He also called on Democratic members of the panels to join the effort in a bipartisan fashion.

    H/T: Dan Bongino

    Scalise calls it like he sees it! Highlights below:

    The decision of several governors to essentially mandate COVID positive patients go back to their nursing homes ended up being a death sentence. New York has suffered 6,318 deaths in nursing homes. New Jersey, 6,327. Compare that to Florida – a retirement state – 1,454. On a per capita basis, nursing homes deaths in New York are 500% higher than Florida and New Jersey is 1,120 percent higher than Florida.


    But unfortunately, on March 25th Governor Cuomo’s health department issued a directive in contradiction to CMS guidance by mandating nursing homes to take COVID-19 positive patients.  New Jersey essentially copied New York’s order – also with deadly results. Two weeks earlier, Governor DeSantis of Florida PROHIBITED transferring COVID-19 positive patients from hospitals to nursing homes.  Very Different orders yielding very different results.

    On March 18, Pennsylvania also issued guidance mandating nursing homes continue to accept new admissions and readmissions including patients that have COVID-19. While defending this decision, even Pennsylvania’s own Health Secretary moved her mother out of a nursing home. 

    On April 15, the Governor of Michigan issued a similar Executive Order mandating nursing homes accept patients regardless of COVID-19 status.  Michigan State Democratic Representative Leslie Love criticized the Governor’s reckless order calling it “an epic fail.”  Mr. Chairman, shockingly, that order remains in effect today.  I call on Governor Whitmer to rescind this order immediately and I hope my colleagues will join me in standing up for the patients and families in Michigan.


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