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  • Democrats slam GOP police reform bill before laying eyes on it

    Democrats slam GOP police reform bill before laying eyes on it

    Senate Republicans have yet to release a promised series of reforms to America's police departments, but that has not stopped top Senate Democrats from waging preemptive war on their colleagues' forthcoming bill.

    H/T: Washington Free Beacon

    "It's sad that Senate Democrats' extreme partisanship means they're attacking a policing reform bill before they even read it," one Senate GOP aide told the Washington Free Beacon.

    "Senator Scott continues work on the JUSTICE Act, which is built on a foundation of bipartisan ideas such as increasing the use of body cameras, increasing training around de-escalation and use of force, and the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act," Scott's communications director Sean Smith told the Free Beacon. "Now is our time to act, and Democrats letting politics get in the way is the absolute last thing our nation needs right now. We challenge them to work with us towards solutions, not hide behind a shield of partisan politics."



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