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  • Seema Verma: Cuomo contradicted federal nursing home guidance

    Seema Verma: Cuomo contradicted federal nursing home guidance

    Seema Verma, the administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), told Breitbart News exclusively that New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other Democrat governors originally issued guidance that contradicted federal guidelines for nursing homes battling the coronavirus pandemic.

    H/T: Breitbart

    “The guidelines they put out, or the policy they put out, is in sharp contrast to exactly what we were saying,” Verma told Breitbart News. “Many of the nursing homes—we’re seeing this in the data—many of the nursing homes were ill-equipped to address some of the requirements around infectious disease control. They were struggling in terms of isolating patients. If you have a nursing home that has several floors, maybe you can isolate patients easily. Maybe they develop a COVID-positive wing. Those were some of the things we were recommending to ensure isolation.”

    “But some facilities, they’re smaller and maybe they’ve got two people sharing a room who are sharing a bathroom with two other people. Obviously, isolation in those types of situations is going to be way more difficult. That’s why you’ve got to ensure that the patients’ needs can be taken care of. In New York, what they put out is in direct conflict with the federal guidelines,” she added.

    The investigative report by ProPublica referenced in the Breitbart article is a MUST READ:


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