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  • Networks ignore audio of death threats, racial slurs sent to Sen. Tim Scott

    Networks ignore audio of death threats, racial slurs sent to Sen. Tim Scott

    While the liberal broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) found time to continue to boost John Bolton’s new anti-Trump book (CBS), decry President Trump’s rallies, and promote the Democratic challenger of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (NBC) Tuesday night, they all turned a blind eye to a New York Times report detailing recent death threats and racial slurs being left on the office voicemail of Republican Senator Tim Scott (SC), who’s the only black Republican in the chamber.

    H/T: Newsbusters

    The Times acknowledged that Scott had shared two of the audio recordings with them:

    The calls, filled with profanity and racist slurs, included one diatribe addressed to “Uncle Tim,” where the caller, after cruelly and profanely condemning Mr. Scott, his family and some of his Republican colleagues, told Mr. Scott to “take your one-way ticket straight to hell.”

    “One caller discussed putting the senator ‘in his crosshairs,’ Mr. Scott said,” Edmondson added.

    “It’s interesting that we are on the right side of the police reform conversation, yet we’re on the wrong side according to the people, based on the way that we are characterized in the national press,” Mr. Scott said in a brief interview, after playing two of the calls his office had received.

    Perhaps rhetoric like below coming from the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, is part of the problem?


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