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  • California creates 'strike teams' to enforce virus limits

    California creates 'strike teams' to enforce virus limits

    California is creating “strike teams” from 10 state agencies to enforce guidelines designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday. He said the teams would “go after people that are thumbing their nose, that are particularly being aggressive, reticent to do anything.”

    H/T: AP NEWS

    “Enforcement is a difficult one. I’m not naive about that and I’m not polly-annish about that,” said Newsom. “We want to educate, we want to encourage, we want to give people time to come into compliance. This is the spirit we are brining to enforcement efforts.”

    ”The idea here is really to target those who are in open defiance,” Brian Ferguson, a spokesman for California’s Office of Emergency Services, said. “The goal is not to create stress on individual citizens who took their masks down to have a drink of water or forgot it at the gas station.”


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