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  • PRAVDA: Mainstream media cites dubious 'study' claiming protests didn't contribute to COVID-19 rebound

    PRAVDA: Mainstream media cites dubious 'study' claiming protests didn't contribute to COVID-19 rebound

    How mainstream media outlets report on things like studies and other "pop-science" research that always seems to confirm progressive narratives - or at least that's how it might appear to any reader who doesn't read past the 3rd paragraph (many don't), or doesn't take a closer look at the research themselves.

    H/T: Zero Hedge

    Such is the case with a recent report published by Time Magazine proclaiming that the protests aren't to blame for the recent resurgence in coronavirus cases in most parts of the country. Of course, a closer look shows that a more appropriate title might be "Nationwide COVID-19 Spike Caused By Protests Not As Bad As Feared".

    At least one inconvenient fact was buried in the Time report:

    In Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., respectively, several police officers and members of the D.C. National Guard tested positive following the demonstrations; law enforcement groups nationwide have been criticized for failing to wear masks during the demonstrations. Furthermore, smaller protests have continued through June, and it will take time before any spread of the virus at these more recent events shows up in the data.

    Bottom line: Time seemingly provides cover for the lawless protesters while sticking it to the law-abiding workers trying to earn half a living at restaurants and bars.

    “I think indoor transmission, events that might be happening at bars, are more important for the trajectory of the virus than the protests were,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease and pandemic preparedness expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “What the protests added wasn’t as impactful as some of the other changes that were going on in society at the same time.”

    Predictably, the rest of the left-wing media apparatus duteously ran with it and an army of liberal twatters are using the new propaganda to back their blue-check overlords.



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