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  • Can we finally put the Russia-Brexit conspiracy to bed?

    Can we finally put the Russia-Brexit conspiracy to bed?

    So there you go. There is still no hard evidence that Russia interfered in the EU referendum. What’s more, it would be ‘difficult — if not impossible — to prove’ the existence of Russian meddling. Can we now, please, put the Russia-Brexit conspiracy theory to bed? The quote above comes from the Intelligence and Security Committee’s long-awaited Russia report, published this morning.

    H/T: The Spectator

    The parallels to the post-2016 election Russia-obsessed period in the U.S. are uncanny, and the consequences similar. From the article:

    This obsession with alleged Russian interference in the EU referendum has had a terrible impact on political life in the UK. It has sowed doubt about the largest act of free and fair democracy in the history of this country, irritating millions of voters in the process. It has demeaned Leave voters, reducing us to putty-minded plebs who were probably hoodwinked into being ‘Europhobic’ by an external power. And it has stymied the process of Britain moving on from the referendum itself and into a new era of post-EU independence and positivity.

    The Russia-Brexit belief was the comfort blanket that some rattled Remainers wrapped themselves in as a way of avoiding the truth of our new political world. It’s time for them to ditch the blanket and face up to this reality: it wasn’t Russia that made Brexit happen — it was the British people. We want to leave the EU. We really do. Is that so hard to believe?

    Read the full Russia Report below.



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