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  • WATCH: William Barr set to testify in high-profile clash with House Democrats

    WATCH: William Barr set to testify in high-profile clash with House Democrats

    The stage is set for Attorney General William Barr to defend publicly the Justice Department from accusations of politicization by Democrats. He will sit before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, an appearance that had been set for late March but was postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic, and face a grilling over claims that he has been doing President Trump’s bidding related to cases against Trump associates.

    H/T: Washington Examiner

    UPDATE: Hearing delayed after Chairman Nadler is involved in car accident! See below.

    Meanwhile, Republicans are certain to defend his tenure as one aimed at restoring confidence in the Justice Department and the FBI after the Obama administration allegedly sought to subvert Trump’s 2016 campaign and presidency.

    “Mr. Barr’s actions make clear that in his Department of Justice, the president’s allies get special treatment, and the president’s enemies — real and imagined — are targeted for extra scrutiny," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said last month. “He is the president’s fixer. He has shown us that there is one set of rules for the president’s friends, and another set of rules for the rest of us.”

    "There is injustice at the Justice Department, ladies and gentlemen,” the New York Democrat alleged, claiming that “the sickness we must address is Mr. Barr’s use of the Department of Justice as a weapon to serve the president’s petty private interests.”

    Get ready for the clown show! Watch live below.



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