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  • FLORIDA: Coding error leads to high child COVID-19 positivity rate

    FLORIDA: Coding error leads to high child COVID-19 positivity rate

    FOX 35 uncovered more errors with Florida’s COVID-19 numbers. This time, the errors were in the wrong child positivity rates being reported. “I am concerned that there has been several other instances,” said Terry Adirim, associate dean of Clinical Affairs at Florida Atlantic University's Schmidt College of Medicine.

    H/T: FOX 35 Orlando

    In predictable fashion, the mainstream media is completely ignoring the "programming error" and is instead pushing the "surge in child hospitalizations" narrative, likely in an effort to stop Florida school's from reopening and to prevent the RNC from hosting its convention in Jacksonville. See below for an example from CNN. QUESTION: Why do these "errors" ALWAYS support the COVID-19 fear-narrative? Does logic not dictate that "errors" would occasionally result in a reduced case count too?

    The Florida Department of Health sent FOX 35 this statement:

    “It was a computer programming error specifically linked to the production of the pediatric data report. As a result, a subset of negative pediatric test results were unintentionally excluded from the pediatric report. The coding error was identified and has been corrected. The current pediatric report available on reflects the most up-to-date data available regarding pediatric COVID-19 cases. It is updated weekly. The Department remains committed to ensuring that up-to-date data is provided publicly in the most expeditious manner possible.”



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