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  • U.S. Secret Service releases update on shooting that happened outside White House

    U.S. Secret Service releases update on shooting that happened outside White House

    The U.S. Secret Service released a statement on the shooting that occurred on Monday afternoon outside the White House, saying that the suspect told authorities that he had a weapon and that he motioned as if he was about to “fire a weapon.”

    H/T: The Daily Wire

    At approximately 5:53 PM today, a 51 year old male approached a U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division officer who was standing at his post on the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. near the White House Complex. The suspect approached the officer and told the officer he had a weapon. The suspect then turned around, ran aggressively towards the officer, and in a drawing motion, withdrew an object from his clothing. He then crouched into a shooter’s stance as if about to fire a weapon. The Secret Service officer discharged his weapon striking the individual in the torso. Officers immediately rendered first aid to the suspect and D.C. Fire and EMS were called to the scene. Both the suspect and the officer were transported to local hospitals.

    The White House Complex was not breached during the incident and no Secret Service protectees were ever in danger.

    The Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility will be conducting an internal review of the officer’s actions. The Metropolitan Police Department was contacted to conduct an investigation.

    Reporters asked President Trump about the incident upon his return to the briefing room once the security risk had been cleared.

    Reporter 3:
    Are you rattled by this at all, Mr. President?

    President Trump:
    I don’t know. Do I seem rattled? It’s unfortunate that this is a world, but the world’s always been a dangerous place. It’s not something that’s unique. The world has been … You look back over the centuries. The world has been a dangerous place, very dangerous place, and it will continue, I guess, for a period of time.

    Reporter 1:
    Does this make you think differently about your personal safety inside the White House?

    President Trump:
    No, I feel very safe with Secret Service. They’re fantastic people. They’re the best of the best and they’re highly trained. I don’t know if anybody got to walk outside, but there were a lot of terrific looking people ready to go if something was necessary, people at the highest level of law enforcement. There’s nobody like these people. So they just wanted me to step aside for a little while just to make sure that everything was cleared outside because it was right in this area.

    Reporter 3:
    Why did you come back, Mr. President? Why did you decide after that … Because obviously it created a lot of commotion. What made you decide to come back and continue the briefing?

    President Trump:
    Well, I didn’t even think about not coming back. I said, “Am I able to go back?” And they said, “You’d have to wait a little while.” I waited a little while, as you know, in the Oval Office area. And I said, “Can I get back now?” And they said, “Yes.” And they have a lot of fortification outside just in case, but it was one person. Okay?



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