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  • Viral video claiming hurricane blew down border wall was FAKE NEWS

    Viral video claiming hurricane blew down border wall was FAKE NEWS

    News outlets, pundits, politicians, and other social media blue checkmarks pushed a viral video with claims that Hurricane Hanna had knocked down part of a border wall in Texas. The claim was debunked by U.S. authorities and the Mexican public official who first published the video has deleted it from her account.

    H/T: Breitbart

    Customs and Border Protection released the following statement in response to the fake news onslaught:

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection is not aware of any border wall panels falling over due to Hurricane Hanna hitting the Rio Grande Valley Sector this past weekend. The video circulating on social media appears to be from June 2020 when high winds caused several border wall panels that were pending additional anchoring to fall over at a construction site near Deming, New Mexico. That project is funded by the Department of Defense using 2808 Military Construction Funds, so any questions regarding the incident should be directed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    Although the original poster has since deleted the tweet, here is the video that went viral.

    There's a propensity among casual observers to blame "confirmation bias" for the knee-jerk reflex of Trump haters to pass along unverified propaganda without any thought about the veracity of it, as long as it fits their narrative that "orange man bad." However, it is most likely worse than that: Liberal media personalities simply don't care if what they're posting is true or not. Truth is not their job anymore.



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