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  • Why it should matter to women that Kamala Harris slept her way up

    Why it should matter to women that Kamala Harris slept her way up

    It is no secret but public knowledge that Kamala Harris slept her way up into California political life by being a very public escort and mattress for California Democrat Kingmaker Willie Brown. Willie Brown is 30 years older than Harris and was very married at the time. It was public. It was an embarrassment.

    H/T: The American Spectator

    Kamala Harris’s story denigrates women who worked hard all their lives, faced cruel gender stereotypes, heard and ignored snickers, encountered and overcame real true misogyny, and yet ultimately achieved great accomplishments. Kamala Harris instead is a poster child for those extremely few women who despicably chose to take the short-cut up the ladder through frisky behavior with married men 30 years their senior. That play and strategy did not work out well for Monica Lewinsky, whose name forever will be associated with vice. Our society’s rejection and mockery of Lewinsky to this day, a quarter century later, is the vice precedent that should define Kamala Harris. Vice precedent, Kamala Harris.


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