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  • Trump administration seizes multiple oil tankers carrying Iranian oil

    Trump administration seizes multiple oil tankers carrying Iranian oil

    The Trump administration has reportedly “confiscated cargo” on four oil tankers that were en route to Venezuela carrying Iranian oil. The Wall Street Journal reported that the move comes as the administration looks to up its “campaign of maximum pressure” against the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

    H/T: The Daily Wire

    “Last month U.S. federal prosecutors filed suit to seize the four tankers of gasoline that Iran was sending to Venezuela, the latest move in the administration’s effort to stifle flows of goods and money helping to keep two of its top foes in power,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

    “One official said the vessels had been taken over without the use of military force but didn’t provide any details. Last year the U.S. tried unsuccessfully to use judicial cooperation agreements to take control of an Iranian oil vessel that had been detained in the British territory of Gibraltar.”

    “The U.S. government’s lawsuit alleges that an Iranian businessman affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s elite military unit designated by the U.S. as a terror group, arranged the fuel deliveries through a network of shell companies to avoid detection and evade U.S. sanctions,” The Wall Street Journal added. “The action is the latest in a series of moves the U.S. has taken against Iran and its ally Venezuela as part of a broad operation to pressure the governments in Tehran and Caracas to meet U.S. demands.”


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