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  • US dismisses China diplomatic gestures as 'nothing but words'

    US dismisses China diplomatic gestures as 'nothing but words'

    China’s latest call for dialogue with the United States is “nothing but words,” according to a senior State Department official who faulted Beijing for continuing to aggravate relations with Washington.

    H/T: Washington Examiner

    “We’re happy to have a discussion, but it can’t be just talks,” State Department Assistant Secretary David Stilwell, who leads the East Asian and Pacific Affairs Bureau, told reporters Thursday. "It has to be action.”

    “The formula I use on that, it’s all about building trust, right?” Stilwell said while discussing Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng's suggestion of bilateral talks. “Words/talk times, deeds/action equals trust. But right now, we’ve got nothing but words and — but no action taken to address our fundamental concerns with where this relationship is going.”


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