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  • MISSION DRIVEN: Tim Tebow sets up foundation to help fight human trafficking

    MISSION DRIVEN: Tim Tebow sets up foundation to help fight human trafficking

    Former NFL star has publicly dedicated his foundation to help stop human trafficking and bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

    “It has been estimated that as often as every two minutes around the world, a life is being bought and sold as if it were merely a commodity to be traded,” according to the Tim Tebow Foundation website. “Human beings – image bearers of God – are being captured, exploited, and bound as modern-day slaves. The exact numbers are hard to track, often inconsistent, and presumably underreported, yet they are a global reality steadily trending higher at an alarming pace.”

    Please take the time to watch "And Then She Was Sold..." below, and share it far and wide. It's a longer video, but it's very impactful in changing perspectives about the nature of human trafficking.

    Tebow also penned an op-ed early this week that further explained his foundation's mission and what has filled him with such resolve:

    I’ll never forget the day my dad called me from overseas and told me he had just purchased four young girls.

    I was in my mid-20’s at the time and completely unaware such a transaction was even possible.

    Surely I had misunderstood him.

    People buy groceries. Shoes. Annual passes to Disney World. They don’t buy other people. But I had heard him correctly. My dad had opened up his wallet and bought as many girls as he could with the cash he had on hand.

    It was a split-second decision.

    At that point in time, there was no safe home to take the girls to. So we built one.

    There’s a saying that evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

    My dad was not going to be the man who did nothing. Had he just stood there silently, who knows where these girls would have been taken and what would have been done to them.

    Had we not stepped in to build a safe home, who knows where these girls would be now.


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