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  • China officials run for cover as Xi Jinping prepares another brutal purge

    China officials run for cover as Xi Jinping prepares another brutal purge

    The decision to fire four ballistic missiles into the South China Sea on Aug. 26 was surely signed off on by the Central Military Commission, the Chinese military's top decision-making body. That committee is chaired by Xi Jinping, the country's president and Chinese Communist Party's general secretary.

    H/T: Nikkei Asian Review

    The missiles fired by the People's Liberation Army included those feared by the international community as "aircraft carrier killers," capable of sinking the U.S.'s greatest warships, and the "Guam killer," capable of reaching American military bases in the North Pacific.

    One Asian intellectual familiar with Chinese politics noted that the missile launches came on the same day as another major political event. "I feel uneasy," the intellectual said. "It may give us a clue of what lies ahead in Chinese politics."

    More from Nikkei Asian Review:

    Across the country, a political study campaign is underway at political and legal affairs-related organizations such as police forces, prosecutors offices and judicial chambers. The campaign teaches the "spirit of rectification." It emphasizes the Yan'an Rectification Movement, which Mao Zedong launched in the early 1940s in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, the party's revolutionary stronghold.

    The movement called on people to push ahead with their own revolution with the spirit of rectification. In reality, it was a campaign to purge Mao's political opponents.

    The resurgence of the Rectification Movement has raised the specter of a new massive purge targeting people deemed by Xi and his allies to be political enemies.

    Wang Xiaohong's article has been shared widely by Xi's rival factions, including by members of the Communist Youth League. It is as if the Youth League is sending a coded message to its members: “A purge is coming. Everyone, be careful.”



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