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  • U.N. chooses teen prostitution ADVOCATE for top human rights post

    U.N. chooses teen prostitution ADVOCATE for top human rights post

    The U.N. has tapped a former abortionist and advocate for teen prostitution to its top post of expert on health and human rights. According to a report at international human rights watchdog organization C-Fam, South African Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng has risen quickly at the U.N., from “sexual health and rights advocate” to the top post of Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, a role that will give her a global platform to urge the decriminalization of the sex trade.

    H/T: Breitbart

    “Mofokeng’s reports advancing sexual rights, including the legalizing of prostitution, will likely be cited as authoritative interpretations of human rights law by U.N. agencies and like-minded Member States,” C-Fam observed.

    Dr. Mofokeng further attempted to normalize prostitution in her article at Teen Vogue title, “Why Sex Work Is Real Work.”

    Not all sex workers engage in penetrative sex, though, undeniably, that is a big part of sex work. Sex-worker services between consenting adults may include companionship, intimacy, nonsexual role playing, dancing, escorting, and stripping. These roles are often pre-determined, and all parties should be comfortable with them. Many workers take on multiple roles with their clients, and some may get more physical while other interactions that may have started off as sexual could evolve into emotional and psychological bonding.

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