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  • Chinese Communist Party floats 'Defund the U.S. Military' campaign for U.S. left to adopt

    Chinese Communist Party floats 'Defund the U.S. Military' campaign for U.S. left to adopt

    The commentary, appearing in Chinese Communist Party-run media outlet China Global Television Network (CGTN), appropriated the American left’s “defund the police” slogan to apply to the military.

    H/T: The National Pulse

    The op-ed – “Defunding the Military is a Necessary Step for U.S.’ Climate Reckoning” – justifies the claim by insisting America’s military is “one of the largest polluters on the planet.”

    More from the propaganda piece:

    According to research by social scientists from Durham University and Lancaster University in 2019, the U.S. military is "one of the largest climate polluters in history" and emits more greenhouse gases than most countries. Experts say that confronting the U.S. military's pollution is necessary to have a serious impact in sustaining the global climate.

    However, there's nothing that both major American political parties – Republicans and Democrats – love more than the military industrial complex. The country's second largest expenditure is the military, edging nearer and nearer to one trillion U.S. dollars in total each year and eclipsing all spending on social programs save for social security.

    Serious and long-lasting positive changes could be brought about if even a fraction of this money was set aside to help develop the country's productive forces away from fossil fuels. "Defund the police" has become a popular slogan, but "defund the military" is also in order when confronted with the dual reality of the country's complete lack of a serious climate program and fanatic military spending.

    Right on cue, leftists on Twitter began pushing the new commie line. See below for some examples.



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