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  • Racial justice agitators are killing sports along with opportunities for at-risk black youths

    Racial justice agitators are killing sports along with opportunities for at-risk black youths

    How many fairytale stories have you heard about young black kids growing up in hellish neighborhoods in inner cities being saved by sports? There are so many. Recently, I’ve been watching the documentary about my beloved Chicago Bulls championship team led by Chicago superstar Michael Jordan, The Last Dance. It’s an incredible story and, as a kid who grew up in the shadow of those giants, having the incredible opportunity to watch them play, attend playoff games, and celebrate in the street with Chicago fans, it’s must-see TV. That team brought so much joy to Chicago.


    And joy is needed now more than ever. Most fans enjoy watching sports as a temporary escape from the sobering nature of sensationalized news headlines and the constant bickering of the chattering class that permeates through the modern American social discourse. That simple, basic need for escape served as a powerful driver of ever higher television ratings, ticket sales, and merchandising profits, and turned professional sports into a massive money maker, not just for franchise owners, but also for the athletes determined enough to make it to the top stage.

    Sadly though, by injecting politics and social justice messaging into their product, "woke" sports leagues have now effectively blocked viewers' escape, reducing the need for their very own existence, and potentially as a consequence, preventing some of the very underpriviledged black youths they profess to support from escaping a life of poverty.

    How's that for liberal logic? More from the PJ Media article:

    But sports is a way out for many of these kids suffering in those places. Not all of them make it to the pros, but many of them make it to college. Education and getting out of those neighborhoods helps change lives. What the NFL is doing right now by not managing the franchise to keep it profitable is an outrageous offense against the kids who need them to be around indefinitely.

    The NFL is starting to kill American football fans’ interest in football with their endless politicization of the sport. This is the first year my husband refused to join fantasy football leagues because he’s had enough of the NFL forgetting why they exist. Ratings are way down. Football fans in Kansas City didn’t boo the players because they were showing “unity” (whatever that means), they did it because they don’t want any politics in sports. None. It doesn’t matter what side it’s on, sports fans don’t want to hear about real-world problems when they are escaping the real world full of violence, sadness, war, despair, cities on fire, for a few hours of sports when the only battle that matters is the one on the field.



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